Anatomy of the Ear

There are three parts of the ear that all work together to allow us to hear. These parts are called the outer, middle, and inner ears.

Inner Ear

The components of the Inner Ear are:

  • Cochlea
  • Semicircular Canals
  • Auditory Nerve

The job of the cochlea is to convert sounds waves from mechanical energy to electrical energy on the auditory nerve. Once the footplate of the stapes moves, it sends the fluid in the cochlea into motion. This motion then triggers the stereocilia to create an electrical impulse on the auditory nerve. The auditory nerve then carries this message to the brain and is registered as a “sound”.

The semicircular canals help to regulate balance in the body. As a person moves, the three canals work in harmony to let the person know how they are moving in space. If one of the canals does not regulate motion properly, an imbalance occurs in the brain and the person becomes “dizzy”.