Anatomy of the Ear

There are three parts of the ear that all work together to allow us to hear. These parts are called the outer, middle, and inner ears.

Outer Ear

The components of the Outer Ear are:

  • Pinna
  • Ear Canal

The job of the Pinna is to “trap” sound waves and funnel it into the ear canal.  There are many undulations and curves in the Pinna and each of those small sections help to funnel sound waves into the canal. The ear canal furthers this process by allowing sound waves to arrive at it’s next destination, the tympanic membrane, or eardrum. There are glands in the ear canal that produce cerumen, or earwax. The role of cerumen is to collect foreign objects, such as dust and dirt, in an attempt to not allow it into the canal. Everyone produces cerumen at different rates and it is not uncommon for one ear to accumulate cerumen quicker than the other.